Federation Launches Zakat Management Initiative

March 24th, 2018: Representatives from seven local Muslim Organizations gathered at the Islamic Foundation of South Florida, to begin the Zakat Management Initiative. This will entail rolling out new software for organizations to track zakat recipients for better case management. Following were in attendance: Imam Naseeb Khan, Br. Nihad, Br. Zahid Khan, Br. Abdurauf Khan, Br. Moin Haroon, Sr. Kausar Haroon, Sr. Shahnaz Yasin, Br. Nezar Hamze, and Br. Samir Kakli. A Presentation and demo was delivered of the Mohid software zakat module, designed by Deentek solutions. All attendees agreed this will be useful to provide better assistance to those in need, and mitigate the duplication of assistance and establish synergies for best practices. Similar presentations to other South Florida organizations will be delivered in the coming months, Inshallah.

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