Muslim Non-profit leadership conference held in South Florida

November 4th, 2017: Thank you for all those who participated is the Muslim non-profit leadership conference. The event was organized by Muslim Legal Fund of America, and co-sponsored by the South Florida Muslim Federation and a few other organizations. For those who could not attend, many legal topics were discussed regarding non-profit organizations, including mosques, and also a workshop was held by Br. Ihsan Bagby of ISPU on how to make your masjid more welcoming and inclusive. We recorded this session, so please watch the video below, which is only around 45 minutes. This is particularly relevant for masjid board members, so please forward to your entire board to listen to the studies conducted on the primary issues of many mosques today, and solutions to correct these issues. Jazakallahkhair!

VIDEO: Workshop on Reimagining Muslim spaces – creating welcoming, inclusive mosques. (Br Ishan Bagby from ISPU)

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